All Terrain KNEEROVER Knee Scooter Walker Blue REVIEW


ave you injured your ankle or foot, but you need to go off road?  Well, crutches won’t work, they are extremely unstable and not suited for uneven terrain.  This where the kind folks at KneeRover have stepped up.  The all terrain KneeRover knee scooter walker is perfect for going off road.  Equipped with 12” off-road pneumatic tires.  That’s right, pneumatic tires – who puts pneumatic tires on a scooter?  This walker/scooter is easily the most rugged on the market today.

Take it to the beach as it works as well on sand as it is does on rugged terrain. If you are the adventurous sort and you have an ankle or foot injury, the KneeRover steerable knee walker is the only choice.

All Terrain KNEEROVER Knee Scooter Walker

All Terrain KNEEROVER Knee Scooter Walker (Via: Amazon.com)

The wheels aren’t the only advancement on this walker/scooter. The steering column was inspired by the auto industry and features a tie-rod mechanism. In addition, the steering column is fully adjustable and foldable and the braking system is as robust as everything else on this walker/scooter. This is the 4×4 champ of all walker/scooters on the market today – hands down!

This walker/scooter is so durable, it is rated for up to 400 lbs. and the frame is well-constructed it also comes with a basket to help when you go for a picnic or a quick trip to the market. A great value for the money, it is well worth it for anyone who loves the great outdoors. But don’t take my word for it. Check out the walker/scooter for yourself and see what hundreds of satisfied customers have had to say. The best places to get the all-terrain KneeRover knee scooter is Amazon.com.


Comfortable and built to last, the designers at Knee Rover have thought of everything. Key specifications include:

  • 12″ casters for indoor and outdoor use
  • Rear cantilever brakes (just like racing bikes) and single brake lever
  • 21” front axle + Handle Height: 35” to 47” + Knee Pad Height: 19” to 22.5” + Pad
  • Dimensions: 6.75” x 12.5”
  • 35.5” overall length + 7.5” x 12.5” x 8.25” detachable wire basket
  • Tool-free adjustment of knee pad and steering column
  • Left/Right adjustable knee pad
  • Foldable steering column
  • Durable dual frame design in blue finish
  • Product Weight: 27 lbs + Weight Limit: 400 lbs.
  • All Terrain KNEEROVER Knee Scooter Walker have blue color

Features of Drive Medical DV8 790Knee Walker Scooter

Best value for money on the market

If you are active and don’t want your ankle or foot injury to slow you down, the all-terrain KneeRover steerable knee scooter walker is a great choice. Most competitors charge nearly two or three times for the same level of quality and durability. Why pay extra, go the choice that make sense.

Rugged yet comfortable

Built to traverse anything you throw at it, the all terrain steerable knee walker is built to last. The oversized wheels are durable and the it is rates for up to 400 lbs. Being rugged does not mean it is not comfortable to use; and for active people, this is the way to go. Getting around on trails is near impossible on crutches, so you need an alternative to crutches that is easy and comfortable to use. The knee pad is soft and ergonomically designed to ensure a pain-free, comfortable experience while you are recovering.

Easy to maneuver

We know it is rugged, but this walker/scooter is also easy to maneuver. The steering column is smooth and the oversized wheels make it easy to go over, or around, anything in your way. In addition, the single-handle brake lever make is easy to stop on a dime.


Ok so it is well-built and maneuverable, but you would expect assembly to be an issue. You would be wrong. The all-terrain KneeRover very easy to put together. Just take it out of the box, insert, adjust to the correct height, and lock the knee pad. Then slide in and lock the steering mast. To fold, just release the clamp lock and the undo the pin lock and tilt. How simple is that? To raise or lower the steering column just release the clamp lock and tightening the clamp lock is just like a bicycle – just turn to tighten then clamp to lock.

Who needs this Walker/Scooter?

If you or someone you love are using crutches for a lower leg injury, then this is the way to go. Toss the crutches and hop on over to this walker/scooter and glide away with ease. Anyone who has recently undergone foot surgery or is recovering from bone breaks, sprained ankles, amputations, or ulcer should check this walker scooter out.

Via: Amazon.com


uilt to last, heck this walker/scooter is nearly indestructible – I know, I tried. The KneeRover knee scooter will overcome anything you through at it. So why are you hopping on those darn crutches, get rolling with this walker/scooter.

A great value for the money, it is more advanced than almost anything else on the market today – oversized wheels, single brake lever, foldable, tie-rod steering mechanism, left/right adjustable and you don’t need special tools to put it together. To top it off, this walker/scooter comes with a basket to help you tote supplies on your hike. Get back into the great outdoors and enjoy the ease of the all terrain KneeRover knee scooter walker blue.


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