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The Best Ways To Rehab A Knee Injury

If you have ever had a knee injury, then you know that the most difficult aspect is not the injury or the surgery, but rather the physical therapy and exercises needed to rebuild strength in your knee.  This can be tricky as you not only need to rebuild strength, but you don’t want to overdo […]

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How To Get Around On a Broken Leg

Having a broken foot can take some getting used to.  Beyond the fact that you have a broken leg, the biggest challenge is coming to terms with how you will be able to lead a somewhat normal life while you are on the mend.  So, getting around, even if it is at home, can be […]

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How To Get Back On Your Feet After Foot Surgery

Having foot surgery, well any surgery, is no laughing matter.  One of the most important things to remember is to listen to the instructions given to you by your doctor, nurse, and physical therapist when you are discharged from the hospital.  This includes heeding their advice on your functional limitations and the finer points of […]

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