DRIVE MEDICAL Knee Scooter Walker with Basket 796 REVIEW


he Drive Medical knee scooter walker with basket features 8’’ wheels which make it ideal for indoor or outdoor use.  The 8” wheels and smaller turning radius helped a lot when I was recovering from a skiing injury and was sick of using my crutches.  What sets this walker/scooter apart are the front wheels and the steering column, which allow for more maneuverability than other devices on the market today.

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DRIVE MEDICAL Knee Scooter Walker with Basket 796

DRIVE MEDICAL Knee Scooter Walker with Basket 796 (Via:

Are recovering from a foot or ankle injury and you want to ditch the crutches? Well, check out Drive Medical’s dual pad steerable knee walker at Amazon. It is also great for someone who wants to keep an active lifestyle while recovering as it can be easily folded. Another unique feature is that height and left/right adjustments can be made without tools. This allows you to easily adjust the walker/scooter without the need for special tools – after all, who wants to mess with tools while they are recovering.

So if you are looking for an option that provides more mobility, stability, and ease-of-use, this is the walker/scooter for you. For starters it comes with an adjustable, extra-thick, two-piece knee cushion – this allows you to easily adjust the walker/scooter to the right height while the padding really makes it comfortable when you need to walk long distances. This walker/scooter is also foldable – this way you can just put it in your car and go.


Drive Medical is known for quality and this walker/scooter is comfortable and is built to last. Key specifications include:

  • 8″ casters for indoor and outdoor use + 31” to 40” Handle Height
  • 7” x 15” Two-piece knee pad for comfort
  • Unit Dimensions: 16” (width) x 30” (depth)
  • Tool-free adjustment of knee pad and steering column
  • Front-wheel steering for tight turning radius
  • Left/Right adjustable knee pad.
  • Foldable steering column + Deluxe braking system + Removable basket
  • Durable steel frame with attractive silver vein finish
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty; Lifetime Warranty on brake cable
  • Product Weight: 22 lbs + Carton Shipping Weight: 27 lbs + Weight Limit: 350 lbs
  • DRIVE MEDICAL Knee Scooter Walker with Basket have one color

Features of Drive Medical DV8 790Knee Walker Scooter

Easy to use

The 8” wheels and small turning radius make this walker/scooter one of the most maneuverable on the market today. Designed for indoor or outdoor use and featuring a foldable steering column, this walker/scooter can go anywhere you want to go. Just give it a roll!


Set up is extremely easy, just insert, adjust to the correct height, and lock the knee pad; then slide in and lock the steering mast. To fold, just release the clamp lock and the undo the pin lock and tilt. To raise or lower the steering column just release the clamp lock and tightening the clamp lock is just like a bicycle – just turn to tighten then clamp to lock.


Boasting a sturdy frame which can support up to 350 lbs. This walker/scooter coasts smoothly indoors or outdoors. There are dual hand brakes for stopping and a push button brake lock for parking or standing.

Comfortable, pain-free experience

If you want planning to spend a lot of time on your walker/scooter you need a comfortable knee pad – after all, this is the device’s purpose. This Knee Scooter comes with an extra thick knee cushion which is not only adjustable but is also channeled to provide stability. Ensuring you will have a pain-free, comfortable experience while you are recovering.

Who needs this Walker/Scooter?

This walker/scooter is comfortable and a much better way to get around than crutches and is perfect for anyone recovering from foot surgery, bone breaks, sprained ankles, amputations, or ulcer – this is the right choice for you. Ditch the crutches and opt for Drive Medical 796 dual pad scooter.

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ll-in-all this walker/scooter is one of the best options on the market today, no wonder it is so popular. For an added touched many users have purchased a removable basket which helps them to carry everything they need as they role. The 8” wheels help you to go wherever you want the tight turning radius makes maneuvering a breeze. The aluminum frame is light, yet durable and the adjustable steering column is perfect for traveling.

This Knee Walker is the perfect choice for anyone recovering from an ankle or foot injury. Ditch the crutches and get yourself something comfortable. This walker/scooter is one of the best sellers on the market today and it is great value. In the end, the DRIVE MEDICAL Knee Scooter Walker with Basket is a great choice as you recover and one you start using it, you will never want to go back to crutches.


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