How To Get Around On a Broken Leg

Having a broken foot can take some getting used to.  Beyond the fact that you have a broken leg, the biggest challenge is coming to terms with how you will be able to lead a somewhat normal life while you are on the mend.  So, getting around, even if it is at home, can be a challenge.  In this article, we will explore some tips on how to get around on a broken leg.

We’ll talk about tips for resting in a minute, but the first thing I want to discuss is how much crutches hurt.  The handles hurt, the having something constantly poking into your armpit is not a great feeling.  If you are planning on using crutches, then find a way to add some extra padding to the handles and the armrest.

However, my suggestion would be to find a better alternative, such as a knee walking.  This is a much more comfortable way to get around or stand in one place and knee pad helps to keep your leg elevated at all times.  When I was recovering, I would keep the crutches on the second floor of my house and us my knee walker on the ground floor and when I went outside.

Another trick to getting around at work is to use your desk chair like a wheelchair.  Especially if you just need to go short distances. You can even use this trick at home as sitting down and getting up from a computer chair can be much easier than a couch.

Learn to love cargo pants!  They extra pockets can really come in handy and you don’t need to fish around your back pockets for your wallet or your cell phone.  Another tip is to get yourself a runner’s hip bag, this can really save your life as everything you need will be within reach.  If you are using a knee walker, then make sure you get one with a front basket as this will help you to carry everything you need and is much easier than a backpack or messenger bag.

If you must cook for yourself and you don’t have a knee walker, then you can try using a tall stool to help you stand in one place in the kitchen.  Regardless of how you pull it off, the trick is to get all the supplies you need in one place before you start cooking. This way you won’t have to bounce around the kitchen.

As you know it is it important to keep your legs elevated when recovering from a broken leg.  To help with this task you want to get your hands on as many pillows and cushions as possible.  This will help you to adjust the angle and position for your leg and sometimes an extra pillow or two can help other body parts to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible.

Don’t just use the pillows when you are laying down.  If you find yourself sitting at the computer, then try to use the pillows to prop up your leg.  At work, I moved to the side of my desk and then used another chair, and some pillows to help elevate my leg while working.  It might have looked a bit odd, but it was very comfortable.

One thing I don’t understand about casts is that they always leave your toes exposed.  This is not such a big deal in the summer, but it can be very uncomfortable other times of the year.  My suggestion here is to get our hands on really big, really stretchy sock.  If you can find one, then get a leg warmer and sew one of the ends closed.  This should be big enough to slide over your cast and will help to keep your toes warm and comfortable.

Getting around with a broken leg can be a challenge, so you don’t be afraid to ask from help.  If you are having surgery, then you might need to have someone stay with you over the first week or so.  This is because just getting out of bed can be a chore.   Even later in your recovery you might still need some help so don’t be afraid to ask.  You will be surprised how complete strangers will go out of their way to help you.  After all, you would do the same.

Now there is grocery shopping and my biggest secret is online grocery shopping.  Instead of schlepping to and from the grocery store, I could just get whatever I wanted from my phone.  What could be better when healing a broken leg?  Even better this saves you needing to carry groceries from the car and into the house.

These are just a few of my tips for getting around on a broken leg.  Let me know if you have anymore which you would like to share.

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