How To Use a Knee Walker Scooter ?

You have a knee scooter but you don’t know how to use a knee walker scooter ? For millennia, humans have relied on crutches to help them while recovering. However, crutches are unstable and even dangerous.  Enter a better alternative – the knee walker scooter.  This is a four-wheel device, with a comfortable knee pad, and a steering column which allows you to use easily.

How To Use a Knee Walker Scooter ?


ell, the simple answer is to adjust the height and alignment of the knee pad and the height of the steering column and roll away and while it is really is that simple, let’s take a deeper look at some the nuances of using a knee walker/scooter.

How To Use a Knee Walker Scooter 1To use a knee walker/scooter comfortably, you need to figure out the proper fit when you are standing.  To do this, place your injured leg on the knee pad and while your other leg should be standing straight.  Also, handlebars should be raised or lowered to a level that is comfortable.  You should not have to hunch over and the handlebar height should not be so high that it is uncomfortable.

If either the knee pad or the handlebars are not correctly position, you should be able to adjust the height up or down depending on the best fit for you.  While many knee walker/scooters allow you to adjust the height and alignment without special tools, don’t assume that all knee walker/scooters are created equally.  Check the manufacturer’s description and customer reviews to make sure set up is easy.  After all, who wants to muck with tools while recovering from a major injury?

Once you have adjusted your knee walker/scooter to the proper height, the next step is to practice walking and turning to ensure this is comfortable and you can do this without losing your balance.  A good idea is to practice on uneven surfaces, such as moving from a rug to a bare floor and needing to turn -like you will have to do in your kitchen or bathroom.   You also want to acquaint yourself with the brakes on your knee walker/scooter.  Is it a one-hand or two-hand system, and does your knee walker/scooter have a parking brake?

Back to the bathroom.  Let’s face it, we all spend a lot of time there and just because you injured your foot or ankle does not mean you go to the bathroom less.  When getting in or out of the shower you want to make sure your knee walker/scooter is correctly positioned.  In general terms, you want to turn the water on first and then turn the knee walker/scooter, and engage the parking brake, so you can shift your weight from the walker/scooter itself.  When finished, the walker/scooter will already be in position for you to shift you weight back to the walker/scooter.  The same goes for getting in or out of bed or a chair.

How To Use a Knee Walker Scooter 3

How To Use a Knee Walker Scooter 2

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