Let’s get physical, How to keep fit with an Ankle Injury

If you lead an active lifestyle, then having a leg or foot injury can seem like the kiss of death.  Forget about doing the things you love, just getting out of bed is a chore.  It is even worse because the swell and pain makes it hard to sleep. So not only are you missing your daily endorphin rush by not exercising, but you are also not getting any sleep. As such you end up cranky and out of shape.

However, it does not need to be this way.  Whilst you can’t undertake strenuous exercise during your recovery.  There are a number of exercises you can do to get your heart pumping.  So, let’s get physical and look at ways to keep fit with an ankle injury.

To begin with, check out this video from Laurel House on YouTube, here.

While she is a dating coach, her tips on upper body cardio with an ankle injury are based on her own experiences.  The video outlines a number of upper body exercises which can be complete in bed or in a chair.  Ok, it is not the same as a 100-mile bike ride or a 30-mile run, but it will get your heart pumping.

Some of these upper body exercises include flying.  Basically, this is sucking in your stomach and flapping your arms like a bird.  While it might look ridiculous, it really works.  Not only are you working on keeping your ab strong, the exercise will help to tone your arms.  If you really want to crank it up a notch, then grab some five-pound weights.  You will be surprised how quickly you will feel the burn.

Another upper body exercise involves a bit of coordination.  You will extend one arm in front of you and another to your side.  Then you want to bounce the arm in front of you and circle the arm to your side.  Remember to keep your abs tightened.  This exercise not only helps you to stretch out, but it also requires a bit of mental ability as you need to coordinate you motions.  Remember, when you are done with one side, then go to the other side.  You will want to complete 10 reps.

Now if you have always dreamed of being a conductor, then here is your chance.  Basically, you want to wave your arms like a symphony conductor.   You can also use weights or exercise bands to up the resistance.  This excursive mimics the motion of triceps and pectoral machines at your gym and is a great way to keep activity while you are stuck in bed.

One last exercise follows the motion of working a speed bag.  To add some resistance, you can either put on weighted boxing gloves or you can use weights.  If you have ever seen a boxing movie, then you know that this exercise can really help you build up a sweat.  It so good that you are not only working your muscles, but your heart will start racing as well.

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