Reasons Why an Ankle Injury Shouldn’t get You Down

We’ve all been there.  Maybe it is a minor sprain or something more serious.  But a nagging injury is stopping you from doing the things your love to do. As much as a bummer as that can be, it is not a reason to give up and get depresses.  Remember, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Take the example a Bob Corwin. The octogenarian has practiced judo for more than 55-years.  During that time, he has had to deal with a slew of injuries and surgeries.  These include multiple hip replacements, an ankle replacement, and a knee replacement.  While he might not be the bionic man, he is pretty close.

Besides his sporting life, Mr. Corwin was also a heavy machine operator and during this time he would spend a lot of time on his feet.  This eventually led to him developing arthritis in his ankle and his knees.  At one point the pain became so bad that Mr. Corwin eventually needed to ask his hip specialist to refer him to a foot and ankle specialist.

Part of the problem was that the cartilage in his knee and ankle had been worn down to nothing.  This lead to clicking and rubbing together of the bone ends, which eventually led to parts of the bone wearing away.  Not a pretty picture indeed.

Even worse were the treatment options.  For a long time, the only way to deal with this level of degradation in ankle was by fusing the bones together.  If this sounds painful, then rest assured it is.  While fusion helps to reduce the wear and tear, it also reduces mobility.   Luckily ankle implants are becoming more common and the technology is getting so good that many implants can last 10-years or longer.

What this leads us to is an important point.  Just because you are dealing with an injury does not mean it is the end of the world.  With the proper recovery plan, physical therapy, and time you can get back to your old self.  Sure it is not fun to watch people doing the things you enjoyed doing.  But being injured means you can catch up on other activities, or find new activities to keep you occupied.

Another key to recovery is to remain positive.  Ok, you can walk as fast as you used to, but there are a number of devices out there which can help.  This will get you off the couch and back on your feet.  Being positive also helps your body to recover faster and it is contagious.  The people around you will feel better.  As such, laughter really is the best medicine.

So don’t let an ankle injury get you down.  Sure you may not be as mobile as you were before, but if you follow a solid plan you will be back to doing what you love in no time at all.  Remember to look at all of the options and have a plan.  Good luck and get well soon!

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