What Is a Knee Scooter Walker and Advantages ?

You are recovering from a foot or ankle injury and sick and tired of hopping around on crutches and don’t know What Is a Knee Scooter ?

What Is a Knee Scooter Walker ?

Enter the knee walker/scooter, well it is a device with four wheels, a knee pad, and a steering column.  You just put your knee on the pad and that walker/scooter walks alongside you.

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By using a knee walker/scooter, you can talk your weight off your injured foot or ankle, this assists in the healing process and will help you reduce the risk of re-injury.  Because a knee walker/scooter has four wheels it is more stable than crutches and many even have parking brakes, so you can lock the wheels while standing in place.

Knee walker/scooters are becoming increasingly commonplace as people look for an alternative to crutches.  Also called a knee caddy there are several options on the market today including those suited for off-road adventures like hiking or going to the beach.

Whilst the weight bearing relief is a key factor in choosing a knee walker/scooter over crutches, you can also add a basket to your walker/scooter, which will help in carrying books or quick trips to the market.  This brings up another key point to keep in mind with a knee walker/scooter, that is portability.  If you plan on being active while recovering, you want a knee walker/scooter with a foldable steering column.  This will allow you to place the walker/scooter in the backseat or trunk of your car.  When you arrive you just unfold the steering column and roll away.

Knee walker/scooters are a great alternative to crutches and if you or you or someone you love are using crutches for a lower leg injury, then this is the way to go. Crutches can be downright dangerous as you have to remember to balance your weight and they can be tricky on uneven or slippery surfaces.  Anyone who has recently undergone foot surgery or is recovering from bone breaks, sprained ankles, amputations, or ulcer should consider using a knee walker/scooter.

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nother advantage of a knee walker/scooter over crutches is they free up your hands to do other things.  When using crutches, you need to constantly balance yourself so simple activities such as cooking or going to the market become cumbersome.  With a knee walker/scooter, you can lock the wheels, which helps you to standstill, and if you need to, reach for something.  You just can’t do that with crutches.

Two other important advantages of knees walker/scooters are comfort and maneuverability.  Many walker/scooters come with extra-thick, knee pads and the better quality ones allow you to easily adjust the height of the knee pad and the alignment – left/right depending on which leg you have injured.  Maneuverability is another key point.  The best quality walker/scooters are extremely stable, have small turning radiuses, high-quality braking systems.  This allows you to coast with ease, even in crowds.

If you have injured your foot or ankle and are looking for an alternative to crutches a knee walker/scooter is the way to go.  Comfortable and maneuverable, they are an excellent alternative to crutches.

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